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Service Description Key Focus
Mobile Development Design and development of applications for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. User engagement, mobile-specific functionality, cross-platform compatibility.
Spatial Computing Development of applications that integrate with the user's physical environment, including AR and VR. Immersive experiences, interaction with the real-world environment, AR/VR technologies.
Web Development Design and development of websites and web applications for the Internet or an intranet. User interaction, website functionality, responsiveness, and performance.
Cloud and Backend Development and management of cloud-based services and backend systems for applications. Scalability, security, data storage, and computing power.
Solution Architecture Designing the overall structure and strategy for systems, software solutions, or platforms. System robustness, scalability, and integration of different software components.
DevOps Practices that combine software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) to shorten the system development life cycle. Automation, continuous integration, and continuous delivery for faster and more reliable releases.
UI/UX Design Design of user interfaces and user experiences for software and applications. User-centric design, usability, aesthetics, and functionality.
Quality Assurance Ensuring the software product meets the required quality standards through testing and evaluation. Product reliability, bug-free performance, and compliance with specifications.
Data and ML Handling and analysis of data, and development of machine learning models. Data-driven insights, predictive models, and intelligent automation.

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