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Service Description Primary Use Key Benefits
Recruitment Finding and hiring employees to fill open positions within a company. Filling permanent roles within an organization. Fits company culture, long-term staffing solution.
Team Augmentation Adding skilled professionals (Onshore or Nearshore) to an existing team for a specific project or temporary need. Enhancing current team capabilities for specific projects without long-term commitment. Flexible, cost-effective, and efficient for short-term needs.
Team as a Service (TaaS) Providing a complete, managed team to handle specific projects or functions. Outsourcing entire projects or functions with a fully managed team. Reduces management overhead, offers specialized skills, scalable.
Fractional Leadership Hiring experienced leaders for a part-time or interim basis, often to fill a temporary gap or lead specific initiatives. Bringing in leadership expertise on a flexible or part-time basis. Access to top-level expertise without full-time commitment.
Recruit, Train, Deploy A comprehensive approach where candidates are recruited, trained specifically for the role, and then deployed to the company. Building a workforce trained for specific roles or technologies, ready to be deployed. Ensures candidates are well-prepared and suited for specific roles.

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