Our Unique Approach to Fractional Leadership

This approach offers you flexibility and access to experienced leadership talent when specific expertise is temporarily needed.

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Startups and Small Businesses

Our fractional leaders can provide strategic direction and mentorship while keeping overhead costs manageable, and without sacrificing equity.

Scaling Operations

Our fractional leaders can help navigate challenges, such as entering new markets or scaling operations, without the company having to commit to a full-time executive.

Crisis Management

During financial downturns or significant operational hurdles, companies benefit from seasoned leadership. Our fractional leaders specialize in crisis navigation, restructuring, and turnaround strategies.

Special Projects and Transitions

Our fractional leaders excel in managing specific, knowledge-intensive projects and guiding companies through transition phases, such as mergers or acquisitions, to ensure alignment with long-term goals and effective execution.

Cost Efficiency

Our fractional leaders provide high-level expertise without the full-time salary and benefits package that a permanent executive would require. This can be significantly more budget-friendly, especially for small or medium-sized businesses.


Our fractional leadership offers flexibility in terms of engagement duration and workload. Businesses can scale the leader's hours up or down based on current needs, which is particularly useful for project-based work or during periods of transition.

Expertise and Experience

Our fractional leaders bring a wealth of experience and specialized knowledge. They have a track record of success in various industries or roles, providing valuable insights and proven strategies that can help a company navigate specific challenges or growth phases.

Objective Perspective

Being part-time and not ingrained in the company's culture, our fractional leaders can offer a fresh, unbiased perspective. This objectivity helps in identifying issues and implementing changes that internal leaders, who might be too close to the situation, could overlook.

Fractional Leadership

How It Works


Discovery Meeting

An initial meeting to discuss your needs, determine the kind of leadership roles required, and establish how much time you will need.



We present for your approval the best profiles for your fractional leadership's needs. They will have experience in your industry, business model, and operational style.



The fractional leaders are ready to start.

Compare Fractional Leadership vs. Full-Time Hire

High standards, low friction, quick turnaround, and great communication make us unique.

Unlike others that only focus on Fractional CTOs, we provide any technical leadership role under the fractional model.




Pay Employer Taxes
Give Equity
Full-Time Commitment
Pay Recruitment Fee
Pay Bonus
Pay for Statutory Vacations
Pay Only for Worked Hours

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