Our Unique Approach to Recruit, Train, Deploy

This approach ensures that the new talent joining your organization is well-prepared and suited for the roles for which they are recruited.

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Strategic Recruitment

Our approach targets graduates with the essential knowledge and potential for specific roles, aligning our recruitment with your long-term goals and skills needs.

Customized Training Programs

Our tailored training equips individuals with role-specific skills, including technical and soft skills, along with company processes and industry regulations.

Mentorship and Support Systems

We establish mentorship and support for new hires, pairing them with seasoned professionals within your organization for guidance and feedback in their new roles.

Effective Deployment and Career Development

We ensure trained graduates are effectively placed, focusing on their career development with regular reviews and clear advancement paths to keep them engaged and retained.

Fresh Perspectives and Innovation

Graduates often bring fresh ideas, new perspectives, and up-to-date academic knowledge to an organization. This influx of new thinking can foster innovation and drive creative solutions to business challenges.

Customized Skill Development

Training graduates specifically for their roles allows organizations to mold their skills and knowledge to fit precise business needs. This tailored training ensures that employees have the exact skill set required for their positions.

Increased Employee Loyalty and Retention

Graduates who are given comprehensive training and career development opportunities early in their career are likely to feel a sense of loyalty and commitment to the organization, which leads to higher employee retention rates.

Cost-Effectiveness and Government Incentives

When combined with government grants or subsidies for hiring and training young professionals, the overall cost of recruitment and training can be significantly reduced.

Recruit, Train, Deploy

How It Works


Discovery Meeting

An initial meeting to discuss the roles and skills required, and establish an approximate start date.



We present for your approval the best profiles suited to your needs. They possess the fundamental hard and soft skills, and the interest in being trained in the particular skill set you require.



We start training the candidates you selected. This training usually takes 12 weeks, but it can take longer depending on your needs.



Upon joining your organization, the candidates will be supported by the agreed-upon support systems. We will maintain regular check-ins with you and them to facilitate their ongoing development and address any needs that arise.

Compare Recruit, Train, Deploy vs. recruiting

High standards, custom training programs, low friction, quick turnaround, and great communication make us unique.


Recruit, Train, Deploy


Intensive Training Before Deployment
Role-Specific Employee Readiness
High Flexibility and Adaptability
High Retention and Loyalty
Potential for Government Incentives and Grants
Innovation and Fresh Perspectives
Higher Lead Time Requires Long-Term Planning

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