Our Unique Approach to Team Augmentation

This approach helps you leverage external expertise while maintaining control over the project's budget, direction and outcomes.

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Fill Skill Gaps

Use team augmentation to fill specific skill gaps in your current teams.


You can scale the team size up or down based on your project requirements, without the long-term commitment of hiring full-time employees.

Cost Effectiveness

It can be more cost-effective than hiring full-time staff, especially for short-term projects, as it eliminates the costs associated with full-time employee benefits and long-term commitments.

Global Talent Pool

Your are not restricted by geographic limitations. You can select the best talent from a global pool, choosing onshore professionals for close alignment with your operational context, or nearshore experts to combine proximity advantages with cost-effectiveness.

Quick Turnaround

If we have a developer on our bench who matches your requirements, they can start immediately. Otherwise, we will custom recruit one for you in 30 days or less.

No Compromises

You choose the desired, seniority level and expertise, and you interview them before they start to be sure that your requirements has been filed.

No Overhead

You face zero administrative hassle and receive just one monthly invoice—we handle the rest. Our services include conducting background checks and ensuring compliance with local employment laws and tax regulations. All intellectual property (IP) rights are yours.

Any Timezone

We can source talent onshore or nearshore, aligning with your preferred timezone to ensure collaboration during normal business hours, especially if you prefer synchronous over asynchronous communication.

Team Augmentation

How It Works


Discovery Meeting

An initial meeting to discuss your needs, define the roles, budget and timelines.


Candidate Presentation

We present to you five tailored candidates for each open position, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your team.



The new team members are ready to start. We take care of all the overhead for you.

Compare our approach vs. the competition

High standards, low friction, quick turnaround, and great communication make us unique.


Our Service


Customized Approach

Tailor our recruitment to your specific needs
Choose the seniority level that fits your requirements
Fully vetted and assessed candidates
We present to you 5 candidates per position for your selection
We conduct regular check-ins to validate if your needs are being met

Service level

Turnaround in 30 days or less
High retention hires; no churn
First 2 weeks (onboarding) free of charge
Candidate replacement at no cost in the event of unforeseen and
extraordinary circumstances

We Are Here to Help

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